Monday, March 26, 2018

Invest in india, stock market india, stock market today, stock market information, stock market investment

Invest in india, stock market india, stock market today, stock market information, stock market investment

Fast is Fine , But Accurately Fine is Everything

You do not own stocks. Stocks own you. We have helped lot of retail and HNI client through our tips services to fulfill their financial goals by making their money work for them a better way.

Intraday Cash Tips

Our Intraday Cash service for NSE traders those are trade in cash Market. In which we will be providing all the recommendation generated in Intraday Cash segment, Nifty Review, Resistance & Support. In this package we provide fair, reliable and timely calls to our clients can make money with us and get a high profit.


In this service we will provide 1-2 calls on daily basis with overnight prospective to optimize more profit. This service is designed for those who do not want to miss profit from next day’s market. In this segment we maintain high level of accuracy and provide good returns to the customers.

Jobbers Cash Pack

This is our leading pack in Intraday Cash market segment. Clients who wish to trap every Bull & Bear run of the market can enroll for this pack. Under this pack we are generating 4-6 intraday cash market calls. Well timed client support is provided in order to meet unmatched client satisfaction. We ensure good accuracy in this plan.


Nifty Future

Nifty is a commonly traded as derivative in stock market. This is our premium package which is especially designed to all traders and investors who want to deal in Nifty and Bank Nifty intraday trading.

Future Positional

This service is specifically designed keeping the traders in mind who have positional horizon to mint profit from profit. In this service our special team of Future market put their extra calibre & utilize their earned experience in order.

MMR Future

This plan is designed especially for our elite customers who wish to trade with Intraday as well as positional recommendations in Future market segment. In this premium pack customer will get good accuracy calls with intraday & BTST perspective.


This Service is Specially Designed For Those Traders Who Want To Trade Once In A Day With Big Target For Big Profit With Calculated Risk, Galaxy Future Service Will Give You Single Intraday Call Which Will be Generated Through Detailed Analysis.

Future BTST

This service is for traders who want to go home with an open position producing benefits from next day’s opening. In this service we provide more than 15 BTST/STBT calls in Stock Future market in a month. You get sufficient time to enter in our calls.

Revival Pack

This is a special package designed for the all traders who want to earn profit with calculated risk in intraday. In this special pack customer will get good accuracy calls with 1 to 2 calls per day. Our highly skilled research analysts assists clients with better quality.

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Monthly profit 1,20,000 with loss recovery option!

Option Market

Option is a contract which gives the buyer (the owner or holder of the option) the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset or instrument at a specified strike price on a specified date, depending on the form of the option.!

Bullion Tips

As we know that bullion tips is totally depends upon the global market.

Base Metal Tips

In this Service we provide you Accurate Commodity tips in Base Metal segment.

Supreme Power Pack

This Service is specially designed after lot of inputs for a group of regular traders.

BTST/STBT - Future

If you trade in Future market & don't have enough time for trading and want to trade on short term .

Client says

We aim to create a new level playing field for a Broker & Sub-broker in Stock Broking Business by eliminating the disparity of earnings between the Broker & Sub-broker.!

Anil Darvai

I am trading from few months and really feeling blessed to use Profitmart. Their sales and support team is really awesome. They are always ready to help!

Himanshu Sony

Wow Profitmart, I really going to recommend all people to start trading and investment with Profitmart. they are really very helpful for trader like me which love option trading .

Harish Kawadkar

Great Team! The support team is very co-operative & spontaneous in handling queries.

Akash Sarang

I’ve transformed myself from a housewife to an active investor. It’s been a wonderful journey with Profitmart. I am very thankful to them.

Raj Patil

Accessibility, back office reports, and call trade facilities are all easy. Everything is seamless and their staff is great. Placing an order is always easy ProfitMart.

Aashu Soni

I am Aashu Soni and working with Money Maker Team from the past one month and my experience is wonderful and completely satisfied with his work.

Indian Market

Currency Market?

Forex is a market in which participants are able to buy, sell, exchange and speculate on currencies Currency Pack is uniquely designed for the FOREX traders trading in NSE market. With its large quantity and assets, it functions as an amazing system for day investors for making money. Our expertise panel of research analysts keep consistent eye on all domestic & International currencies to provide our customers huge returns..

Break Out Pack?

This product is designed for those traders who like to trade in evening session when international data and events like (unemployment claims, crude oil inventories, Natural gas inventories etc.) released. One sided movement is expected on this kind of events and also break outs of important support and resistance occurred in the evening session.

Commodity Agri?

Our team keeps an eye on global market and correlates the Indian market with it, in this service you can get intraday trading calls in agro commodities .In this package you can earn maximize profit with our high accurate calls with good percents of accuracy. In commodity Agri Plan we provide tips on different agro commodities like Dhaniya, Jeera, chana etc with a high profit margin for client.

Derivative Express ?

This product is designed especially for our HNI clients who aspire to trade with Intraday as well as Positional recommendations in Future market segment & intend to optimize benefit of every bit of market. Derivative Express plan is fully focused to derive profit from each market movement. High momentum stocks will be picked to deliver expected results from the market.